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Business Overview

Innoza Group Security Solutions offers clients a personal touch when it gets to security requirements. With a vast product and price variety, our technicians are able to customize security solutions to suit most pockets and most important of all, most needs. With more than 6 years of experience in the security sphere, and a team that takes pride in workmanship, we guarantee professionalism,sound advice and transparency throughout our operations.

Our Values

In a very competitive market place, where security solutions and services are freely available, we belief that good values, excellent pre-and post-sale services, and transparency wins our orders. We offer our customers real solutions, instead of equipment, and build relationships rather than just closing deals. This is why our customers can expect honest advice, integrity and proactive service delivery throughout our organization

Our Vision

To be recognized as not only the frontrunner in security solutions, but also as a trustworthy ally in combatting crime in South Africa.

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